Virgil Brummond, known more commonly as Virgil, is a Panarii associate and close friend of Elder Joachim of the Panarii Church. He is a courteous man that hides a darker past, and is known to be extremely hesitant when in large cities, such as those of Caladon or Tarant. He is known to doubt the Panarii religion, but carries out its will due to his admiration of Elder Joachim.


Virgil, born Virgil Brummond, grew up in Caladon with his brother Lawrence Brummond as a local drifter and criminal-associate. After losing in a gamble, his brother was beaten to death, whereby Virgil fled from Caladon until he was taken in by Elder Joachim, and underwent a complete transformation by embracing the Panarii Religion. He is sent to escort the supposed reincarnation of Nasurdin back Shrouded Hills.

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