On Friday evening, the Brackenton line was derailed by magickal influences, injuring numerous bystanders and passengers. The incident followed an attack on Councilman Edward Willoughsby and Tullan mage Perriman Smythe by local bandits. Smythe's retaliation led to the train wreck.

Later that evening, Willoughsby and Smythe were accosted once again at the Willoughsby mansion. Intervention by Smythe and an unidentified gentleman led to the arrest of multiple individuals, one of them a powerful mage. Willoughsby was uncharacteristically closed-mouthed about the affair.

"This was a private affair, and it has been dealt with in that manner." Smythe said he might spend some more time in the city, but plans to avoid Vermillion Station. Said Smythe: "Dreadful affair. I'd rather forget the whole thing."

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