The capacity to hurl knives, rocks, grenades or any other potentially dangerous object with accuracy.


  • Throwing Apprentice – the Speed of the Character’s throw is increased by 5
  • Throwing Expert – the Throwing Range of the Character is 50% farther
  • Throwing Master – the Character’s chance of success is unaffected by range penalties

Trainers Edit

  • Expert : Lianna Pel Dar, Dernholm
  • Expert : Theo Brightstart, Ashbury
  • Master : Clarissa Shalmo, Black Root

Master QuestEdit

Shalmo will ask you to retrieve Azram’s Star from K’na Tha, and this quest will go essentially the same as the bow master quest: you’ll have to kill things using ranged attacks, and you’ll have to shoot out torches when you run into a dead end. If you don’t like trial and error, then the correct choices are: middle torch, right torch, unlit torch, left torch, left branch (of the purple intersection), middle torch, middle torch. That will take you to the final area, where you’ll find Azram’s Star in an altar. Then just shoot the nearby torch to be taken back to the world map.

Note that you can’t complete this quest using the aerial decapitator. It doesn’t have enough range. So if that’s your weapon of choice, be sure to bring along a boomerang or something to shoot out torches. (You can find a boomerang in K’na Tha.)

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