Denizens of Elven Forests Spotted

Staff Writer

Some of the residents of Ashbury have been reporting sightings of si'im tals or "love lights", as they are known in the common tongue. These peculiar reports began reaching us here in Tarant about a week ago. We sent a journalist, by rail, to Ashbury to investigate.

He interviewed many of those that had reported seeing the strange and magnificent creatures. It seems they have been appearing in the evening, in some of the resident's floral gardens, in small numbers. No one is certain how these creatures came to be in Ashbury so far from the Glittering Forest, where they are usually found.

We consulted some experts from Tarant's Athenaeum and while they stated they were aware of these reports, the only explanation they could offer as to how these creatures could have come so far from their native habitat was that they had been captured and transported here by some unknown person or persons. When asked why someone might want to do such a thing our experts could offer no explanation.

Whatever the cause, the residents of Ashbury are delighted to have their new visitors and hope they will take up permanent residence in their new home. For those of our readers who would like further information concerning the habits and behaviors of the si'im tals, our editors recommend "Forbidden Cities of the North" by Gregor Seamus Darton. This first-rate volume can be found for purchase in most inventories of the more discerning book vendors of Tarant.

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