Stillwater is a dreamy little town east of the northern Stonewall Range. The local terrain is snowy, and as such, the housing is built to accomodate with heavy thatching. A local religion, the Cult of Geshtianna has started up in Stillwater, and local rumours of an ancient Giant run wild and play much in the city's culture, especially as witnessed by the Stillwater Giant statues laying around.


Richard Leeks runs the Falling Hammer; a local blacksmithy renowned for the creation of Stillwater Blades, the primary export of Stillwater which is enchanted by an out-of-town Halfling Wizard called Cyrus. Just across the road is the Bleeding Rose Inn which provides the perfect accomodation for adventurers.

Cult of GeshtiannaEdit

The local Cult of Geshtianna is a cult based around the worship of love and beauty. They hold festivals which the whole town attends, often resulting in much drunken merry-making. The Blessing of Geshtianna is said to make a person more beautiful, and to have people react favourably to them, although the Cult has been bedazzled by the recent theft of their statue to their God. The offering to the Shrine of Geshtianna is a picking of Passion Root; a luscious flower which grows in their groves.

Stillwater GiantEdit

The Stillwater Giant is a local myth of a reputed descendant from the thought-to-be-extinct giants, that is said to have the ability to shapeshift into a blue rabbit. Stanley Xavier Hippington is the local cryptzoological expert on the subject, and has dedicated his life to tracking out the giant. Most people denounce it as an urban legend, but you can see the Giant's popularity in the form of statues around Stillwater.

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