Local Constable on the Job

Sir Kevin McDonald

The local constabulary has been stumped as of late with the frequent disappearance of small mechanical devices around the city. While users of magick are the prime suspects, Constable Larik Greenshaw notes that any number of individuals could be responsible.

The constable was reported as saying: "While we are more than likely looking for a dissident band of conjurers who want to do away with today's technologies, we can't rule out other factions who could be responsible, such as the orcs who have a fascination with all things mechanical and may be taking the missing articles out of curiosity. Needless to say, these criminals will be apprehended and brought before the law."

Caladon Woman Murdered

A body was found murdered in the Whytechurch district in Caladon, bringing this month's total of murders to three. Caladon has been rocked as of late with these murders, something that has never happened with any frequency in the area. Chief inspector Henderson worries that "Our local townsfolk are scared to leave their homes these days. We've never had to deal with murders in the past, and now we suddenly have three. We're looking into the matter, but I fear these murders might be a much larger threat than most believe. Until then, our citizens and businesses are suffering because of the actions of this madman." Local authorities have urged townsfolk to be on guard when walking alone or at night, citing that the victims were all known to have been alone at the time of their deaths.

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