Naked - Tarant (Resized)

Your exhibitionist antics in Tarant have earned you the scorn of its citizens.

Reaction Adjustment : Anyone from Tarant -25, Everyone else -5.

How to get : You ran naked through the streets of Tarant.


While running around naked, even without the reputation, you get quite peculiar greetings from NPCs. Here are a some :

« Men are the most contemptible and abominable creatures! How dare they force you to appear naked in public! » (Female Human Noble)
« How dare you flaunt your syphilitic excesses around so highborn a lady as myself! » (Female Human Noble)
« How dreadful! How rude and insolent to appear before me in such a discourteous dress! » (Female Human Noble)
« Really! You show much presumption in addressing me while you are unclad! It is most provoking! » (Female Human Noble)
« Good Heavens! Your lack of apparel is an affront to my delicate senses! » (Female Human Noble)
« What have we come to in this society when such insolence as your state of undress is tolerated? » (Female Human Noble)
« Upon my word! That disrespectful ensemble you are wearing is just not going to do your reputation any good at all! » (Female Human Noble)
« Madam! May I suggest that you and your decadent garb belong on a lonely street corner! » (Female Human Noble)

« You dishonor me by forcing public discourse while you stand before me naked! » (Male Half Elf City Dweller)
« Upon my honor! How wretchedly insolent you are in your nakedness! » (Male Half Elf City Dweller)
« You are taking too great a liberty by promenading about unclad! Sensualist! » (Male Half Elf City Dweller)
« You must certainly be up to no good if you run about unclothed, harlot! » (Male Half Elf City Dweller)

« Madam! If you continue to parade naked I will have to run you in. » (Male Tarant Officier)
« I must insist that you not tramp about while dressed so. » (Male Tarant Officier)
« Ho there! Marching about with your nethers to the air is certain wenchery! » (Male Tarant Officier)
« I cannot at all consent to your state of dress in my territory! » (Male Tarant Officier)

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