Trainers Edit

Expert: Madam Lil in Tarant

Master: Edward Willoughsby at his residence in Tarant

Master QuestEdit

Willoughsby will only show up in Tarant after you’ve been to Qintarra. When he does show up, you’ll find him in front of his house.

Willoughsby’s quest involves going to Caladon and convincing the king’s advisors that Caladon should join the Unified Kingdom. He’ll give you a dossier describing the ten terms of agreement, and you should read the dossier so you know what to expect. Then go to Caladon and talk to Renard in front of the Castle, and then go inside and stand in front of the podium. (Ignore the lobbyists.)

The king’s advisors will ask you about each of the ten terms of agreement from the dossier, and you’ll have to give answers that are good for Tarant. To get the best agreement, simply select the first dialogue option for each question. If Caladon doesn’t agree using those choices, then take a more moderate approach. As long as the agreement favors Tarant Willoughsby will train you, but if you get the best agreement you’ll also earn a reputation as an honorary ambassador for Tarant.

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