Controversial Theories Spark Debate

Sir Alex Livingston

Richard Leeks, master swordmaker, held a lecture in Stillwater regarding the similarities between scientific disciplines and the study and execution of magick. Leeks posited that the traditions of hex-binding and artifice do not differ in any great way from the modern, progressive methods of science.

“Attention to detail, the specifics of ingredient, shape, and size which are like a second nature to the hex-smith are mirrored by the blacksmith,” stated Leeks. “A mage judges an artifact in the same way a machinist judges his tools. The goal is the same in both schools: affect change on the world through careful, regular method.”

Despite agnry hisses from the mostly elven audience, Leeks was calm and collected throughout the entire lecture. Leeks is well known for his Stillwater Blades, which he forges himself and then has enchanted by a local wizard. “There is no reason why the technologist and the mage should be at odds. We use similar techniques, and, at the very least, should respect each other's craft.”

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