Police reported a curious encounter that took place down near the banks of the Hadrian River, which runs through Tarant. It seems a local constable observed a man engaged in what he describes as "behavior of a most peculiar type".

The constable stated "I observed this individual for several minutes from my vantage point which was not far from where the suspect was standing. He was holding a bag or sack of some type in one hand and was pulling feathers out of it with the other. He would then hold the feather in his outstretched hand, in front of his face and appeared to be concentrating some kind of Magick upon it, whereupon the feather would erupt in a blue flash and disappear from his hand. I observed this queer ritual several times before I decided to fire a warning shot over his head. Unfortunately my weapon would not operate".

The constable went on further to explain that the man escaped, but in his haste had dropped the satchel from whence he had been pulling the feathers. The sack was found to contain a number of different feathers. Examination of the feathers by the honorable Professor Tristan Fenwick of the Tarantian Zoological Society, showed that the feathers were indeed of a variety of birds, even some heretofore-unknown species.

This information, coupled with the constable's account of his weapon misfiring, a known side effect of strong Magick in the vicinity, led Fenwick to believe this man and his strange ritual may have something to do with the recent migratory anomalies that have been occurring in the Hadrian aviary hatcheries, which others, mainly magick users, have attributed to the so-called "poisoning" of the Hadrian by local factories. The police have stated that they will continue their investigation.

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