// map_names.mes
// this file lists the text name of the maps

{5002}{The Ruins of the Moathouse}
{5003}{The Moathouse Tower}
{5004}{Upper Level of the Moathouse Ruins}
{5005}{Dungeon Level of the Moathouse Ruins}
{5006}{Inn - Cellar}
{5007}{Inn - First Floor}
{5008}{Inn - Upper Floor}
{5009}{Trader's Barn}
{5010}{Trader's Store}
{5011}{Church of St. Cuthbert - Upper Floor}
{5012}{Church of St. Cuthbert - Main Floor}
{5013}{Church of St. Cuthbert - Lower Floor}
{5014}{Guard Tower - Cellar}
{5015}{Guard Tower - Lower Level}
{5016}{Guard Tower - Main Hall}
{5017}{Guard Tower - Parapet Level}
{5018}{Guard Tower - Upper Hall}
{5019}{Guard Tower - Parapet Interior}
{5020}{Prosperous Farm Cottage}
{5021}{Prosperous Farm Cottage - Upstairs}
{5022}{Woodcutter's Cottage}
{5023}{Well-Kept Farm}
{5024}{Well-Kept Farm - Upstairs}
{5025}{Prosperous Farmhouse}
{5026}{Leatherworker's House}
{5027}{Blacksmith's Shed}
{5028}{Weaver's House}
{5029}{Weaver's House - Upstairs}
{5030}{Tailor's Cottage}
{5031}{Average Farm Building}
{5032}{Weatherbeaten Building}
{5033}{Moneychanger's Establishment}
{5034}{Small House}
{5035}{Small House - Upstairs}
{5036}{Potter's Cottage}
{5038}{Modest Cottage}
{5039}{Cheesemaker's Cottage}
{5041}{Reclusive Cottage}
{5042}{The Grove}
{5043}{Herdsman's Barn}
{5044}{Wheel and Wainwright's Shop}
{5045}{Walled Manor House}
{5046}{Walled Manor House - Upstairs}
{5047}{Carpenter's House}
{5048}{Town Hall}
{5049}{Stone House}
{5050}{MileStone 10 Map}
{5052}{Boatmans' Tavern and Nulb Market}
{5053}{Mother Screng's Herb Shop}
{5054}{Mother Screng's Herb Shop - Second Floor}
{5055}{Mother Screng's Herb Shop - Third Floor}
{5057}{Snake Pit - Main Floor}
{5058}{Snake Pit - Second Floor}
{5059}{Snake Pit - Top Floor}
{5060}{The Waterside Hostel}
{5061}{The Waterside Hostel - Upper Floor}
{5062}{The Temple of Elemental Evil}
{5063}{Modest Farmhouse}
{5064}{The Temple of Elemental Evil - Main Floor}
{5065}{Tower Ruins}
{5066}{Temple - Dungeon Level One}
{5067}{Temple - Dungeon Level Two}
{5068}{Imeryds Run}
{5069}{Deklo Grove}
{5078}{Temple - Dungeon Level Three}
{5079}{Temple - Locked Level}
{5080}{Temple - Dungeon Level Four}
{5081}{Air Node}
{5082}{Earth Node}
{5083}{Fire Node}
{5084}{Water Node}
{5085}{Nulb Building}
{5086}{Nulb Building - Second Floor}
{5087}{Nulb Building - Third Floor}
{5088}{Nulb Building - Fourth Floor}
{5091}{Moathouse Hidden Exit}
{5092}{Temple - Escape Tunnel}
{5093}{Ramshackle Farm}
{5094}{Emridy Meadows}
{5095}{Ogre Cave}
{5106}{Circular Shaft}
{5112}{Temple House}
{5113}{Temple Tower}
{5114}{Ogre Cave Interior}
{5115}{Herdsman House}
{5120}{Frank's House}
{5122}{Lord Viscount's Office}
{5124}{Inn - First Floor}
{5125}{Inn - Second Floor}
{5126}{Gnome Living Quarters}
{5127}{Temple Antechamber}
{5129}{Drow Tunnel}
{5130}{Dragon Cave}
{5131}{Dragon Cave Exit}
{5132}{Lord Viscount's House - First Floor}
{5133}{Lord Viscount's House - Second Floor}
{5135}{Church of Hextor}
{5136}{Bazaar of the Bizarre}
{5137}{Gnarley Forest}
{5138}{Hickory Branch}
{5139}{Hickory Branch Crypt}

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