A remarkable specimen of floral effulgence entered into competition at the recent All-Tarant Flower Show & Garden Exposition, has roused much comment among visitors. Named "Pelojian's Tullan Blossom", the flower resembles an orchid of alizarin crimson petals edged with bright yellow.

Yet in marked contrast to the well-loved Tarantian orchid, this strange flower is said to exude a heady and penetrating aroma, which fragrance somehow evoked for many visitors memories of their vigorous youth. Those visitors most strongly affected were heard to assert that such an effect could only come of magickal arts.

The bloom was the debut entry of Mrs. Florence Willoughsby, wife of the Chairman of the Tarantian Council. Far from dismissing speculation on possible magickal elements in the plant's nature, Mrs. Willoughsby seemed actively to encourage it, say onlookers. After a number of female visitors, upon sniffing the Tullan Blossom, were seen to exit the show with florid complexions and fluttering fans, judges from the Tarantian Ladies' Garden Committee, organizers of the Exposition, informally requested that Mrs. Willoughsby withdraw her entry.

The lady complied at once and in fact deserted the hall, though (witnesses indicate) not without barbed rejoinders. Mrs. Willoughsby, those of long memory may recall, is no stranger to scandal. Some dozen years ago, she created an uproar in polite society when she openly boasted of distant elvish ancestry. The Hon, Mr. Willoughsby later publicly retracted the curious claim on his wife's behalf, citing a delirium brought on by the lady's accidental ingestion of imported herbs. Mrs. Willoughsby embarked on a Grand Tour for her health and has only recently returned to society.

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