The maiden voyage of the IFS Zephyr, the first “lighter than air” airship in all of Arcanum, has come to an uncertain and mysterious end. Initial reports from Vermillion Station are cloudy and vague, but it seems that the ship was last seen passing over the Grey Mountains, near the small mining village of Shrouded Hills.

We’ve yet been unable to contact the village directly by telegram, but the failure of the Zephyr to appear here in Tarant is a bad omen. “The blimp was only designed to land in particular areas, and she doesn’t have enough coal to keep her alight this long,” said the Station Master at Vermillion Station. “I’m afraid that logic dictates only one alternative.”

Edward Willoughsby, Chairman of the Industrial Council, and a large investor in Vermillion Station, had this to say. “I don’t want everyone to go assuming the worst here. The captain of the Zephyr was a skilled pilot. Who’s to say whether or not he might have landed that ship somewhere else? I myself am hoping for the best, and my best thoughts go out to those passengers who were aboard.”

This news follows soon after the train wreck at Vermillion Station just a few days ago. Let us hope that the IFS Zephyr suffers a lesser fate than did the train on the Brackenton Line.

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