Greetings, fellow Tarantians! It is I, Victor Wright, your faithful and vigilant editor, bringing you an exclusive story that only a paper of this breadth and quality could possibly do! Just yesterday, our humble offices were visited by none other than the sole survivor of the IFS Zephyr blimp tragedy (please see photograph, pg.2), and she deigned to share her account of the final minutes of that fateful voyage with me, which I now share with you! Be warned! This story is not for the faint of heart!

'Tis a tale so real and frightening, that I recommend it only to those with the most iron-like will and constitution! Upon questioning, the lady had this to say about her harrowing experience. "There was a tremendous shook the entire vessel...I didn't see anything in the air, but I heard the sound of gunfire...I also heard engines... I believe there were two different ones."

As impossible as it may sound, it seems the Zephyr had been attacked by some other sort of flying craft. Upon landing, the lady said that: "There was was wreckage also, near the blimp. Some strange craft..." What those craft were, she was at a loss to say. The fate of the Zephyr was sealed only moments after the attack. "I am sorry to say that no one else survived the impact" the woman said.

She was still visibly shaken from the experience and I stopped questioning her shortly thereafter. So! Dear friends of the city! What are we to make of this? What were these strange craft? Why did they attack such a noble craft as the Zephyr? Flying bandits? Or something even more dark and insidious? Are we not safe even in our fair skies? We at the Tarantian will work to bring you the truth of the matter, and I, Victor Wright, will not rest until we have done so!

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