Gun Smithy Learned Schematics Edit

Hand Crafted FlintlockEdit

Broken Flintlock Pistol + Small Metal Tube

Fine RevolverEdit

Revolver Parts + Revolver Chamber

Repeater RifleEdit

Hunting Rifle + Revolver Chamber

Hushed RevolverEdit

Fine Revolver* + Engine Muffler

Looking-Glass RifleEdit

Marksman's Rifle + Looking Glass

Hand CannonEdit

Clarington Rifle + Fancy Pistol

Elephant GunEdit

Hunting Rifle + Large Pipe

Gun Smithy Found Schematics Edit

Bronwyck's GunEdit

Ancient Gun Chassis + Mithril Ore
   [This schematic is printed on a strange sort of paper, and looks to be
   very old. The writing is faded almost beyond recognition.] Bronwyck's...
   powerful chassis.....Unparalleled design.....chemical properties of
   mithril.....violent reactions.....controlled destruction.....gunsmiths
   of Vendigroth.....

Charged Accelerator GunEdit

Electrical Coil + Repeater Rifle*
  Speed often equates to power. The Charged Accelerator Gun illustrates
  this, clearly and fatally. By using the magnetic forces of an Electrical
  Coil with the trusty Repeater Rifle, this amazing weapon fires
  ammunition further, and with more destructive power than any weapon to
  date! Incredible, but true!

High Velocity PistolEdit

Accelerator Gun^ + Fancy Pistol
  Speed is power, and nothing shows this better than the incredible High
  Velocity Pistol! The combination of the Accelerator Gun and the Fancy
  Pistol, this marvelous little firearm accelerates its ammunition to
  unbelievable speeds, doing considerably more damage upon impact! Never
  before has so much power come in such a small package!

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