Thieves Still at Large

Late on Tuesday evening, the mansion of Mr James and Mrs. Evelyn Garringsburg, at 37 Devonshire Way, was broken into by thieves and ransacked according to sources close to the family. Among the many items stolen was the famous “Kerghan and Persephone”, painted by Pizarro. Sold last year at Renaud’s for a reputed 50,000 gold pieces, the painting was the showpiece of the Garringsburg gallery.

Mr. Garringsburg, a long-standing member of the Wellington Gentlemen’s Club, had this to say -- “You can be assured that the perpetrators of this heinous crime will be brought to justice, and that reparations will be made.” Mr. Garringsburg was unavailable for comment. The garringsburgs have offered a 300 gold piece reward. This crime is only the latest of many art-related robberies, which have included the “Lorek in Repose” statue, and the Blendom Vase.