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Found Arcanum Schematics Edit

Herbology Edit

Chemistry Edit

Electrical Edit

  • Lemon-Potato Charges - (equivalent to Chemistry charges) Electrical Level 1
  • Charged Sword - (tech sword does extra electrical damage) Electrical Level 4 *AND* Smithy Level 1
  • Pyrotechnic Bow - (tech bow does extra fire damage) Electrical Level 4 *AND* Mechanical Level 2
  • Flow Disruptor - (shield of protection vs. magic) Electrical Level 6
  • Electro-Armor - (tech armor of protection vs. electrical attacks) Electrical Level 6 *AND* Smithy Level 1

Explosives Edit

Gun Smithy Edit

Mechanical Edit

Smithy Edit

Therapeutics Edit

  • Muscle Maker - (increases STR, decreases INT) Therapeutics Level 7 *AND* Chemistry Level 5
  • Brain Builder - (increases INT, decreases STR) Therapeutics Level 7 *AND* Chemistry Level 5

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