Trainers Edit

Expert: Doc Roberts, Shrouded Hills or Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root

Master: William Thorndop, Ashbury

Master Quest Edit

When you talk to Thorndop, you should recognize him as the firearms master, but he won’t want to train you. However, after you finish speaking with him a halfling will run up to you and deliver a message. If you read the note and talk to Thorndop again, you’ll discover that the Willenbecker gang is after him and that they’ve kidnapped the halfling’s wife to lure him to the barn where they’re waiting.

Since Thorndop can’t do anything about the gang, offer to help out and then head east to the barn. You’ll find seven gang members inside, ranging in level from 10 to 30. The gang member to pay the most attention to is the half-ogre in the back. He’s the one guarding / attacking the halfling wife, and so you need to distract him before he kills her. Once the gang is dead, simply head back to Thorndop and convince him to train you.

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