Donn Throgg, the infamous half-orc labor agitator, has been missing since Capt. Wheeler of the Tarantian Guard was forced to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Guard's new mechanized gun on the unruly anarchist protesters in Kensington Park. The unlawful assembly of orcs and half-orcs is thought to have been organized by Throgg to bring more unrest to the city.

"That Throgg is nothing but a trouble maker," said Capt. Wheeler, "he should be considered extremely dangerous, and if one of our good citizens happens to encounter him, they should by no means try to speak with him, or have any dealings with him whatsoever. Any sightings of Throgg should immediately be reported to the Guard at once. This is a Guard matter, and should be treated accordingly."

Capt. Wheeler is being considered by the Industrial Council for a commendation for his recent heroic efforts, with only Councilmen Willoughsby, Babcock and McGeehan dissenting.

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