Trainers Edit

Expert : Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root
Expert : Winde, Qintarra
Master : Adkin Chambers, Stillwater

Master QuestEdit

To receive master training, Chambers will require you to kill Sir Garrick Stout of Dernholm and return with his eyes. However, Stout is the melee master, and for Chambers’ story to work best, you should do Stout’s quest even if you don’t plan on being a melee master yourself. (See the melee section for information on Stout’s quest.)

Once you’ve killed Stout, you may or may not find his eyes on the corpse (it depends on if you talked to Chambers before killing him). You’ll be able to receive master training from Chambers regardless. Also, be sure to talk to Lady Druella to get the cure blindness potion, and then return to Chambers. Take the dialogue option about giving him the eyes, and then give him the potion. You should become a dodge master, and Chambers and Druella should live happily ever after. (You’ll be able to meet them later in Roseborough.)

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