Corey Pelton began his career at Artifact Entertainment, where he modeled, rigged and animated characters for the massive MMORPG, Horizons.

After leaving Artifact, Corey moved to California and began working at a small developer named Codefire. While he only worked there briefly he gained extensive skills on the field of 3DS Max animation, which helped land him a job at Troika Games.

While working for Troika for just over 2 years, he was the main Character Animator for The Temple of Elemental Evil, where he contributed with animations for player, NPC and monster characters. After finishing work on that game, he moved onto Troika's other project, Bloodlines. Corey's main responsibilities were animating boss characters (his more recognizable work is found in the form of the Gargoyle and Ming Xiao transformed creatures).

After Troika, Corey moved onto Electronic Arts Los Angeles, to work on GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, where he was responsible for all of the first person weapon animations in the game. After GoldenEye shipped, Corey rolled onto the Medal of Honor: Dogs of War team where he animated character death animations and in-game cinematic sequences. Feeling the need for change, Corey recently parted ways with EA.

Presently, Corey is heading up the Animation department at Super Villain Studios.

Additional InformationEdit

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