List of Arcanum Companions Edit


Location: Tarant (Bates mansion) Level: 16 Dante

Location: Black Root (Sour Barnacle) Level: 12

Dog (Worthless Mutt)

Location: Ashbury (near the inn) Level: 12 Franklin Payne

Location: Black Root Level: 35

Gar (Garfield Thelonius Remington III)

Location: Tarant (H.T. Parnell’s) Level: 10

Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe

Location: Ashbury (near the cemetery) Level: 12  (Need -1 minimum towards evil for him to join)

Jayna Stiles

Location: Dernholm Level: 6


Location: Qintarra Level: 20

Loghaire Thunder Stone

Location: Wheel Clan (in the Dredge) Level: 35


Location: Tarant (next to P. Schuyler & Sons) Level: 8

Perriman Smythe

Location: Tarant (at the Willoughsby residence, after visiting Qintarra) Level: 25


Location: Qintarra Level: 32


Location: Tarant (in Boil, after talking to Willoughsby) Level: 30

Sogg Mead Mug

Location: Shrouded Hills Level: 2

Thorvald Two Stones

Location: Isle of Despair Level: 23

Tollo Underhill

Location: Dernholm (in the pit) Level: 30

Torian Kel

Location: Ancient Temple Level: 20


Location: Dernholm (King’s Inn & Pub) Level: 15


Location: Bedokaan Village Level: 20

Weldo Rubin

Location: Gateway to the Wastes Level: 25

Z’an Al’urin

Location: T’sen-Ang Level: 29

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