Chukka Edit

Chukka is Gilbert Bates's personal bodyguard and a very competent fighter.

STATS:ST: 22, CN: 8, DX: 15, BE: 2, IN: 6, WP: 11, PE: 9, CH: 8
Race : Half-Ogre
Sex : Male
Location: Tarant (Gilbert Bates Mansion, First Floor)
Magick/Tech Bias: Neutral
Level : 16
Training: None
Align : Good
Level 50 stats:

26 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 2 be, 6 in, 16 wp, 9 pe, 8 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
270 hp, 136 fatigue


He will join you, once you have completed the investigations asked for by Mr Bates.


You might be able to get Chukka to join your party after you've investigated the Black Mountain Clan for Bates. He's a half-ogre and a powerful melee fighter, but he's also good-aligned and will take offense if you perform any evil deeds.

You can only add Chukka to your group after exploring the Black Mountain Mines for Bates. You don't have to be level 16 to get him, but there is some other requirement (and I have no idea what it is).

Before you go to Black Mountain Mines you have to question Bates about the attempt on his life and reply with "Some of our lives are more than others, eh'?" in able to get Chukka.

Chukka starts out with 22 strength, and he's an excellent melee fighter.

Like Sogg, his puts all his efforts into increasing his fighting skills (ie Strength, Dexterity, Dodge, Melee).

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