Chemistry Edit

The Chemistry discipline studies man-made substances and their deleterious effects.

The schematics shown here are those your character can obtain by spending character points in this technological discipline. Found schematics has their own section.

Novice (minimum IN 7)


Components: Monroe's Cleaner, Varham's Aqua Vitae

Effect: Chemistry is the basis for all biology, and the newest experiments have brought us this efficient liquid poison. Through combining common household items like Monroe's Cleaner and Varham's Aqua Vitae, even the most untested scientist can bring forth a poison to handle any infestation, orcish or otherwise.

Assistant (minimum IN 9)


Components: Electrolyte Solution, Metal Casing

Effect: Extensive research into the chemical properties of liquids and metals has produced this wonder of the technological age. A charged electrolyte solution housed in a metal casing allows even the most casual user the advantages of a mobile power source.

Associate (minimum IN 11)


Components: Bromide, Morning Star Perfume

Effect: Being mauled by wild beasts is the wish of no traveler who finds himself in the unmapped regions beyond civilization. One application of the astonishing Animal Scent, a mixture of Bromide and Morning Star Perfume, allows an individual to walk fearlessly through the most fearsome denizens of the forest! [Use in springtime not recommended.]

Technician (minimum IN 13)


Components: Pete's Carbolic Acid, Sulphur Pills

Effect: The itinerant scientician is often in need of direct solutions to complex problems. Enter the Corrosive Acid. This cantankerous compound, made from Pete's Carbolic Acid and Sulphur Pills, immediately begins to corrode whatever it touches. Ponder for just a few moments, and the endless applications for this product become apparent!

Engineer (minimum IN 15)


Components: Mushrooms, Crane's Cough Cure

Effect: The mysteries of the brain are revealed through Hallucinite, an amazing product made from the mixture of Mushrooms and Crane's Cough Cure. When used on any foe, Hallucinite creates the most fantastic and frightening illusions, all within your opponents very mind! Be a neurological nemesis with this phlogistic phenomenon!

Professor (minimum IN 17)


Components: Mushrooms, Varham's Aqua Vitae

Effect: Oftentimes, death need not be the only solution, and the Paralyzer was made with this in mind! A combination of the Mushrooms and the Varham's Aqua Vitae, this lethal liquid will leave their bodies completely disabled while you choose their fate. Be merciful, or save them for torture! Either way, you've won the day!

Doctorate (minimum IN 19)


Components: Hallucinite, Bromide

Effect: Wondering how to get by that particularly vigilant sentry? We have the answer for you! By combining Hallucinite and Bromide, the guileful technologist can create the Anaesthisizer! Just one dose of this enigmatic elixir will have them drowsing for days! Remarkable!