Clan BrujahEdit

  • Description: ...
  • Advantages: +1 to Brawl Skill
  • Disadvantages: -2 to Frenzy checks

Clan GangrelEdit

  • Description: ...

Clan MalkavianEdit

  • Description: ...
  • Advantages: +2 to Inspection Feat, exclusive access to Dementation Discipline
  • Disadvantages: Penalties to negotiations

Clan NosferatuEdit

  • Description: ...
  • Advantages: Can obtain more blood from rats
  • Disadvantages: Scary appearance, must use sewers for all transportation needs

Clan ToreadorEdit

  • Description: ...

Clan TremereEdit

  • Description: ...

Clan VentrueEdit

  • Description: ...
  • Advantages: Can utilize Dominate in dialogue, accepted into Kindred society more easily
  • Disadvantages: Cannot obtain blood from rats, 50% chance of vomiting when feeding from bums and prostitutes

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