Trainers Edit

Expert : Elite Bow Captain, Dernholm
Master : Kietzel Pierce, Black Root and then Caladon

Master QuestEdit

When you find Pierce in Caladon, he’ll offer to train you as a bow master if you can retrieve a bow for him from the Ruins of Szabo. He’ll mark the location on your map, and when you get there you’ll find some bludgeoners plus some skeleton bowmen to kill. The only trick to the area involves some torches you’ll find. Three times in the ruins you’ll come to the end of an area, and the only thing there will be a torch. So just shoot the torch with your bow to move on. In the last room, you’ll find three torches, and in that case you should shoot the one on the right. Then just take the bow back to Pierce to receive your training.

Note: The bow is a Bow of Ecclesiastes, which has a long range but a slow speed. If you want to keep the bow and still receive training, you can either steal the bow back from Pierce, or you can tell Pierce that you didn’t find it, and he’ll offer to train you for 2000 gold.

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