A-6: Credits 112

Sierra Studios credits 112

A-7: Customer Support.... 116

A-8: Warranty.................. 120

A-9: Web Sites.................. 120

A-10: Quick Keys......... 121

A-11: Halfling Recipe...... 121 A-6: Credits

Arcanum was made by Troika Games, LLC, which is comprised of

Jason Anderson

Leonard Boyarsky

David Bragg

Timothy Cain

Mark Harrison

Chris Jones

Michael McCarthy

Chad Moore

Steve Moret

Yong Park

Jesse Reynolds

Sharon Shellman

With additional work contracted from

Dominick Cecere (additional monster animations)

Michael Dean (additional character modeling and texturing)

Kurt Dekker (sound programming)

Edward R. G. Mortimer (generated dialog)

With in-house testing and design suggestions from

Sissie Chang

Tiffany Chu

Scott Jacobson

Cynthia Komm

Sierra Studios credits

Senior Vice President J. Mark Hood


Sr. Producers Don Wilkins

                                                                       Jeff Pobst

Assistant Producer Bernadette Pryor


Vice President Marketing Jim Veevaert

Director of Marketing Koren Buckner

Product Manager Charles Holtzclaw

Marketing Producer Glenn Oliver

Web Editor Guy Welch

Marketing Info. Manager Ingrid Pelzer

Marketing Info. Assistant Jelaine Kraetsch

European Brand Manager Michael Fuller

Public Relations

Public Relations Manager Adam Kahn

Public Relations Coordinator Kellie Hobin

Creative Services Orlena Yeung

Manual Graphic Design Arthur Hagman

Package Design Azyenberg Group

Music Composition and Recording Ben Houge

Dialogue Recording

Voice Directing & Casting Jeff Pobst

                                                                       Leonard Boyarsky
                                                                       Chad Moore

Voice Recording Specialist Mike Caviezal

Voices Recorded at Waves Sound Recorders, LA CA.

Voice Recording Engineer Michael Klinger

Voice Casting Services The Voicecaster, Burbank CA

Voice Casting Directors Huck Liggett, Martha Mayakis

                                                                       LeAnne Koehnen

Talent Paymaster The Talent Fund, Half-Moon Bay, CA.

Sound Effects Ben Houge

Post Processing Ben Houge

                                                                       Mike Caviezal

Cast of Characters

Virgil Rino Romano

Raven Tasia Valenza

Simeon Tor Dwight Schultz

Silver Lady Diane Pershing

Kan Hua, Narrator Kay Kuter

Z'an Al'urin Phillese Sampler

Loghaire Barry Dennen

Kerghan Jeff Coopwood

Gilbert Bates Nick Jameson

Magnus Julian West

Arronax, Gar, Joachim, Nasrudin Jim Ward

Franklin Michael Gough

Torian Mark Klastorin

M'in Gorad Gisselle Loren

Geoffrey Richard Tatum

Quality Assurance

QA Director Gary Stevens

QA Supervisor Ken Eaton

QA Leads Chad Martin

                                                                       Chris Mason

QA Testers Aaron Contreras

                                                                       Joe Easter
                                                                       Sonya Faugno
                                                                       Danny Harrison
                                                                       Zach Hays
                                                                       Dave Jordan
                                                                       Rich Nelson
                                                                       Quang Pham
                                                                       Jon Pulling
                                                                       Niko Simonson
                                                                       Lester Stocker
                                                                       Brian Wilkinson

Hardware Compatibility

Compatibility Lab Manager Pat Callahan

Compatibility Lab Tech. Sean Meichle

                                                                       Mark Storie

Support Staff

Corp. Product Certification Chris Slack

                                                                       Matthew Kangas

Tech. Support Manager Brian Moss

Titan Producers Ross Perez

                                                                       Ron Daniels

Titan Lead Engineer Erik De Bonte

Titan Engineers Mike Nicolino

                                                                       Lee Olds
                                                                       Noel Wade
                                                                       Brian Rothstein
                                                                       Len Skiena
                                                                       Dean Webster

Titan QA Lead Tester Eric Harman

Titan QA Tester David Cain

ROW Producer Warren Wright

Special Thanks Hubert Joly

                                                                       Dave Grenewetzki
                                                                       Phillip O'Niel
                                                                       Ralph Giuffre
                                                                       Suki Hayre
                                                                       Brad Nelson
                                                                       Eric Roeder
                                                                       Nancy Rinehardt
                                                                       Ron Crawford
                                                                       Kelly Zmak
                                                                       Flavie Gufflet
                                                                       Mark Iverson
                                                                       Christine Smith
                                                                       Patricia Rice
                                                                       Beth Freeman
                                                                       Angie Raymundo
                                                                       Arcanum Beta Testers

Additional thanks to – Nik, Lauren, Gavin, Indy, Luna, James Curtis Angel, Sweetie (Sherrie Hammond), Frank McCarthy, Constance McCarthy-Angel, Steven Angel, Shawn Steiner, Dave Campbell, Jo-Ann Palmer, Tracy, Korey, Samantha, Cooter the Pooch, Brian Eno, Jeff Haynes, cinnamon Altoids, Thanks Mom & Gary, for all of your love and support! Thanks Dad, for everything you gave me, I wish you were here to see it. Gwyn - for training Sharon to require only 5 hours of sleep each night, HomeGrocer - without whom we would all weigh 10 pounds less, coca cola, Nabisco, Keebler, Mother's & LU, CodeGuy -for creating the infamous "UberFAQ", all of our fans from "The Boards", The Troika Kids - for running amuck and keeping us young at heart, Lisa Marshall, Tracy Boyarsky and Bonnie for taking such good care of our little rugrats while we dedicated ourselves to Arcanum, all of our friends and family who have been (relatively) understanding of why we haven't been around for the last 2 years.

A very special thanks to our loyal beta testers, who helped us make a much better game and to whom we are very grateful. Thanks guys!

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